Alginate Dressings

100% calcium alginate with superior absorption is ideal for moderate to heavily draining partial- and full-thickness wounds

● Wick fluid vertically to help prevent periwound skin maceration

● Up to a seven-day wear time

  • REFDescriptionPacking
    AD01Alginate Dressings 5cmx5cm50pcs/bx, 12bxes/ctn
    AD02Alginate Dressings 10cmx10cm50pcs/bx, 8bxes/ctn
    AD03Alginate Dressings 10cmx20cm50pcs/bx, 4bxes/ctn
    AD04Alginate Dressings 15cmx15cm50pcs/bx, 4bxes/ctn
    AD05Alginate Dressings 2.5cmx30.5cm, rope1pc/pouch, 10pouches/bxes, 10bxes/ctn